Gingrich beats Romney in South Carolina

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In the south carolina primary, Newt Gingrich came top. Newt is the brother of Candace Gingrich, an ‘out and proud lesbian activist.’ newt gingrich 40.4% (243,153 votes) Mitt Romney 27.9% (167,279) Rick Santorum 17.0% (102,055) ron paul 13.0% (77,993) Romney has produced "halting answers on his taxes and business experience in the last two contests.

Gingrich. think can beat Barack Obama in the general election. Front-runner Mitt Romney has struggled to win over the Republican base, partly because of his perceived moderate record as governor of.

Will Newt gingrich stop mitt Romney in South Carolina, or will Romney rack up another victory. A former OBGYN, he knows how to deliver! Santorum won’t beat him, if only because this is not Iowa, a.

. took place not just in South Carolina – where he won Saturday’s primary – but across the U.S. In South Carolina, Gingrich beat Romney by 50 to 22 percent among voters who said debates were an.

For four days before the vote in South Carolina, the Romney campaign had been highlighting these facts. "Unreliable leader," they called him. Then, the statements from Marianne Gingrich surfaced.

Newt Gingrich beats frontrunner Mitt Romney in South Carolina primary. Newt Gingrich stormed to a shock victory over Mitt Romney in the South Carolina primary today, scrambling the race to choose.

Republican presidential front-runner Mitt Romney must overcome wily political veteran Newt Gingrich in the South Carolina primary on Saturday to keep his march toward the party’s nomination on track.

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Gingrich, who may overtake Romney in Saturday’s South Carolina primary, dominated the debate. Turns out Iowa Republicans goofed and Rick santorum beat romney in the caucus by 34 votes. Marianne. Newt Gingrich beat out Mitt Romney in South Carolina among evangelicals, women and people voting on who could manage the economy best.