Super Tuesday, the Coming Clinton Presidency and other depressing news

Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton Score Big super tuesday primary wins. Florida Sen. Marco Rubio picked up the first victory of his presidential campaign by winning the Minnesota caucuses, leaving John Kasich and Ben Carson as the only candidates without a No. 1 finish in a nominating contest.

With polls showing Donald Trump the likely winner of most of the Super Tuesday. the presidency as he predicts. But if the two major party nominees are Trump and Clinton, principled conservatives.

Democrats coming to terms with Bill Clinton's misconduct? UNO Experts Answer Questions on Super Tuesday, Presidential Politics.. but Clinton still enjoys the super delegate advantage unless we see a big shift in super delegates away from Clinton and toward Sanders.. news tip, or other question, please email the UNO News team at unonews@unomaha.

Super Tuesday – Find news stories, facts, pictures and video about Super Tuesday – Page 4 | Newser. Post-ABC News national poll. Clinton’s 47%-43% lead over Obama falls within the poll’s margin.

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Super Tuesday Election Results. Clinton had 77.8 percent of the vote, and Trump had 43.4 percent of the vote. Cruz was in second place among Republicans, with 21.1 percent of the vote, and Rubio came in third, at 18.7 percent of the vote. Republican candidates tend to win Alabama in the presidential elections,

For Democrats, everybody knew hillary clinton was going to win in a walk over Bernie Sanders, so it probably didn’t seem like the most important thing they had to do that day. Of if there had been.

Americans love super things, so much so that a fortnight after Super Tuesday we have had another one for good measure. Perhaps with the preponderance of sequels coming out of Hollywood. Marco Rubio.

Sanders almost certainly will stress that Clinton’s 1990s views on trade, welfare and other. the presidency in 2008. The Sanders win in Michigan overshadowed Clinton’s easy victory in Mississippi..

He predicted several victories in coming. Clinton won all the delegates, 76-0," her spokesman, Brian Fallon, said in a tweet shortly after the results were known. On March 1, when more delegates.

Now Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, having been among the first — days before Michigan — to suggest that that state’s primary could be far closer than anticipated, is telling the media that Clinton may well lose Ohio, Missouri,and Illinois. Yet Nate Silver and his crew still show clinton beating sanders in those states with odds of (respectively) 98%, 80% and 95%.

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