The bank moved to seize a widow’s home. But it didn’t tell her the loan was insured.

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"No 2 Housing Crime". Banks have become just mortgage servicing agents and foreclosure of your home is their new business model. Protect your home by learning about the tricks they play.. But it didn’t tell her the loan was insured.

"I told them that I wanted to turn myself in, that I had committed some bank robberies. And she asked for my name and I gave it to her. mobile home that was being renovated nearby. Amos confronted.

 · How can I buy a house on social security?. Does the bank take your home if you move out? Only if it is the best option for you. You still have the right to sell it and keep any equity above the selling price as one option. But if the house now is worth less than the mortgage balance, you have the right to walk away.. It’s sad because 99%.

 · To change your direct deposit from one bank to another bank: Contact your bank, savings and loan or credit union; or Call Social Security toll-free at 1-800-772-1213 (TTY 1-800-325-0778), or

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Bank of America’s bill collector was telling her the home was not her husband’s primary residence. It couldn’t be: He was dead. Mitchell did reside on the premises – in an urn.

 · The mortgage on our previous home was paid about 6 months in advance so I didn’t actually have to come up with 3 monthly payments to do it, just the first and second on the new house. We sold the previous home within 2 weeks and took almost all the proceeds and paid off 100% of second loan and about another $10,000-$12,000 on first mortgage.

I had a call last week from a woman who wondered where she could find out if certain homes for sale were approved for FHA financing. As I talked to her about the fact that, for the most part, it takes an appraiser to determine whether or not a home qualifies, I tried to explain what she would need to look for so she could avoid paying for appraisals on property that may not qualify.

That means that the Bank has the right to take money from your deposit account to cover a delinquent loan account. Whether the bank can setoff a business loan from a personal deposit depends on.