Two more bankruptcy preparers facing possible criminal contempt charges

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"Even in committing the crimes to which she pled guilty, she was assisting people in need who could not afford to retain attorneys or more expensive bankruptcy petition preparers," said Renninger.

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By William Halaz. Attorney, Cordell & Cordell A Motion for Contempt is a common occurrence in family law proceedings. In previous articles on contempt of court, I addressed the legal concept of contempt and outlined the conditions that must be met for contempt.. In this article, I will tell you the possible punishments for being found in contempt.

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Two bankruptcy petition preparers in Wisconsin are in big trouble with the Court, facing possible criminal charges. jennifer abbott, who is a disbarred attorney, was cited with contempt by a bankruptcy judge.

Learn more about criminal contempt, and related topics, by visiting. There are two types of contempt of court: criminal contempt of court and civil contempt.

Blog Home. The federal circuits are split on the statutory basis for bankruptcy courts’ criminal contempt jurisdiction. It has been recognized in some federal circuits that bankruptcy judges enjoy jurisdiction to conduct criminal contempt hearings along with the power to punish contemnors with imprisonment, probation and fines.

A report on contempt of court proceedings brought against two newspapers in the wake of the Joanna Yeates. but this case could cost the paper a great deal more. lord justice moses adjourned the.

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Cases against two additional bankruptcy petition preparers are being sent to the U.S. attorneys office, bringing to four the number of criminal contempt cases against preparers under review by.

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